Inactive Compute Time Does Science

Science is not all about microscopes and laberatory work in fact science is for abselutely everyone.
Just untill recently Grid Computing was completely unknown to me, even more frustrating as Grid Computing is very alike supercomputers in which i do have some knowledge already.

This made me wonder where Grid Computing actually was used. In a video on Youtube something called "Einstein At Home" was mentioned, as rational as i am i quickly used Google to figure out what this was, and Grid Computing was the definition that came up.

While there are different types of Grid Computing there are a few that are used for medical research, which is the thing that interest me the most. After doing a little more research i came across Rosetta At Home, that allows my computers to participate in proten research and just maybe find a solution for diseases that there are no cure for today.

You might think that this is pointless for me to participate in, but you're wrong. While i myself do not have any of these diseases my particepation in this could possible help thousands of people. While not giving any economical benifits for myself the participation in this opens new doors for every computer enthusiast.

The software used by these research institutions are extremely CPU heavy and in some cases GPU heavy. Which makes them perfect for stress testing not only computers but also servers.

Plus to get the ability to watch (boring) but cool research!