Here we go Again - Windows VS Linux VS Mac

Let's have a little heart to heart conversation.

First of all. All of these are PCs, PC is an acronym for personal computer. It does not matter if it's a Windows, Linux or Mac machine. They are all Personal Computers.

Before you think that i'm just another fanboy that are gona tell you why one system is better than the other, i will tell you right away that that's not the point of this article.

None are better than the other. I have to admit that my experience with Mac are very limited as i do not own a Mac, however i would like to get one in the future. Because of that it might seem that Mac will be judged pretty harsh in this article.

Now let's look at the reasons people have for choosing one over the other.

People online say that Mac have better optimized software. While this is true in some cases, and a Mac defantly can benifit you when it comes to certain software. This is not a good enough reason for someone who have their hole experience on Windows or Linux.

"Mac just works" Every computer just work. Atleast if you've used hardware that does work together, and tell the computer in the right way how to execute a task.

Windows are better for games. I will agree that Windows are the best choice for games. But if you are not a full time gamer, Windows might be a poor choice over Linux or Mac.

Linux are the biggest system. Most likely this is true. But it still doesen't make it the "best" system.

Linux gives you more control. In many cases i would agree with this. But this is also false depending on the users experience with the system.

If Windows was to go away Mac would rule. Not really true. Microsoft actually saved Mac from bankrupcy a long time ago. However if Windows never excisted Mac would probably be the main choice for consumers. But the same can be said for any opperative system.

All that aside, no system are really better than another. It all comes down to personal choice and experience. Personally i'm more a Windows/Linux person, while if i actually had a Mac it would probably be quite easy for me to learn as Mac is a very close relative to AT&T and Linux they kinda function the same way.

While most people probably will not agree with me here and stick to one of the reasons above. Then ask yourself, why does the system that always broke for you work for me and thousands of other people?

Are the system to blame, or is the harsh truth just that you self don't want to accept that you did a newbie mistake?