Amateure Electronics, How To Get Started

Electronics are a great field to have as a hobby, and you don't really need any experience.
Thanks to modern age we have technology and the "Google machine" that can give us answers to almost everything our heart desire.

While you're most likely not going to invent the next Tesla by doing electronics on a hobby basis. The chances are good that you will develop alot of experience that abselutely can open doors to great achievements.

What i recomend that you get

Do remember that this is what i recomend, this will not be true for everyone and will defantly depend on how quickly you learn and develop yourself.

The absolute minimume you should know before you start is the difference on AC and DC.

AC or Alternating Current have no positive or negative pole. Instead both poles can be "positive" and "negative" at any given time. (I know this is the wrong expression for those who are pro out there, but it's a simple way to explain.)

DC or Direct Current unlike AC do have a permanent positive and negative pole. This type is in most eletric devices in our household.

Calculating Watts

Watts are one of the most important things to know. This will tell you how much load you can put on any breaker in the house, or how much power your device needs.

The easist way to calculate watts are by multiplying current by amps. Which would look something like this 230V x 15A = 3450W, this method can be used on both AC and DC.

Danger Alert!

As a beginner you should remember that all types of power are dangerous. Some more than others, but by threating everything the same you avoid doing extremely dangerous mistakes while exploring a new hobby. While it is likely that you will get a few shocks, there are a few things i will ask you to avoid.

Things you should have

This is the minimume of tools i would recomend anyone to have.

If you just plan to modify simple electronics this can in many cases be enough, if you want to dive even deeper add the stuff below to the list aswell.

Now that you have nearly a complete set of tools the next job is to find a project.

DISCLAIMER: I am not an eletrician, nor do i claim to be one. Everything you pratice is at your own risk. I can not be held responsible for any type of damage you're actions causes you personally, economically, people around you or to your property.